I would rate her a 10 out of 10

I would rate her a 10 out of 10

My name is Robert Silva Rodriguez.  I am writing this letter to recommend Ms. Teri Kainz as an outstanding realtor.  This past June I received a letter from Ms. Kainz asking me if I was interested in selling my home because someone was interested in purchasing my house.  As a matter of fact I was interested so I contacted Ms. Kainz.

Within a week of contacting Ms. Kainz she showed my house to a few different interested parties.  Approximately 1 week after our initial contact Ms. Kainz found a buyer for my home.  I was amazed how quickly she sold my house.  I was thinking it was going to take much longer because she priced the house above what the website Zillow had posted the value of my house.  Ms. Kainz and her husband even came by my house prior to its sale and repaired minor issues with my house.

Besides selling my house Ms. Kainz continued to help me by finding me an out of state realtor, an out of state mortgage broker and a moving company to help me move to my new home. The previous realtors I used to sell my first home, buy the Petaluma home and the realtor I used to buy my current home were not as hard working or helpful as Ms. Kainz.  Ms. Kainz contacted me on a daily basis to keep me updated on the sales procedures such as inspections, walk through and any needed documentation.  Ms. Kainz even helped me by contacting my purchasing realtor because they were not as informative or knowledgeable as Ms. Kainz.

I mentioned to Ms. Kainz I wanted to give her a positive Yelp review but Ms. Kainz advised me she did not have an account.  The experience I had with Ms. Kainz was outstanding and I would rate her 10 out of 10, Five stars or whatever the highest mark was possible.  I don’t know what else I can say but I’m a high school football coach and If Ms. Kainz played on my team with her work performance she would make all-league and be in contention to be the MVP.. So I highly recommend Ms. Kainz as a realtor.

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